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Lunch in Malibu

Move to Malibu. Malibu is Paradise.

We drove along winding coastal roads. Coming down from the north we found ourselves in Malibu. Uber mansions lined the beaches on one side of the road, whilst rolling scorched hills lined the roads on the other side. I caught myself craning my neck like by some fluke of a chance I would see Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox-Arquette, or the cast of Two and a Half Men strolling along the sea shore.

We came to Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, a surfside Americana cafe with hearty meals and tropical beverages, sitting on the sand in Malibu. Whilst you can eat inside the oversized venue, we (of course) opted to eat al-fresco; with our toes in the sand in the outdoor dining area.

It was lunchtime, and I was with my Father and Step-Mother, so whilst part of me felt it would be more appropriate to opt for a glass of wine or a soft drink, my inner teenager couldn’t resist the over-the-top tropicana cocktail menu. My first choice was for a coconut cocktail… served in a coconut of course, but I was pretty gutted to be informed they were sold out that day. I ended up with a watermelon concoction, and yes, you have guessed it, it was served in an actual watermelon!

Sipping on my extravagant cocktail, we enjoyed a casual lunch in the sun before strolling along the busy sand, wandering down to the neighbouring pier; a great place to look back on the shoreline and admire the beautiful mansions on stilts that lined the sandy shores.

For it’s close proximity to LA, Malibu is a whole different world. I was expecting the city to encroach all the way to the waters edge but, with the shelter of the hills bordering on mountains, Malibu has carved out it’s own little peace of paradise for the rich and famous, away from the hustle and bustle of La La Land.

If only I was a billionaire, I’d live in Malibu…

















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