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In My Bag: Carry On Essentials

There is nothing quite like the excitement of waking up in the morning knowing today’s the day you’re going on holiday!

You bounce out of bed with a smile on your face, and as you start to get ready for the airport run, your mind starts wondering… It cruelly accuses you of having forgotten to pack anything and everything that you may need while you’re away. Uneasiness creeping in, you do a quick check of your handbag to make sure you packed your passport, and before you know it you’re in a crazed rush around the house trying to figure out what else you’ve missed. You know you’ve missed something. But you draw a blank. How cruel our minds can be!

There’s a million apps for that now; where you can download a packing checklist to your smartphone, or you can create your own, and spend the night before your hols carefully ticking all the boxes off as things go in the suitcase. It’s like a weight lifting from your shoulders – being confident that you’ve got everything you need – and allows you a well rested night’s sleep so you can get back to feeling nothing but excitement for the morning airport transfer.

While the contents of my main luggage are – of course – destination dependant, there is one packing list that always remains a constant when I go away: My Carry On Essentials. See what I can’t get on a plane without below…

Clockwise from Left: Kindle (Amazon) & Vintage-Book Kindle Cover (, Headphones, Ruled Notebook (Moleskine) & Pen (Monte Verde)Phone Charger, Light Hooded Sweater (Hurley)Purse (Kardashian Kollection)Passport, Moisturising Lotion (Clinique)Topical Ointment (Lucas’ Papaw Ointment)Eye Cream (Clinique), Sunglasses (Airport Shop)Face Wipes (Simple)Hair Bobbles, iPad (Apple) & Custom-Engraved Leather iPad cover ( (Apple) & Gold iPhone Cover (Marc by Marc Jacobs)St Christopher pendant, Guardian Angel pin, and Scarab bead (My vintage Lucky Travel Charms – they go everywhere with me!)

That’s it! You’re ready to travel in style and comfort! Oh, and don’t forget your flight details!!

V x

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  • Reply Beryl July 26, 2015 at 8:42 am

    Well, as an older person now, my bag has to include medications plus headache tablets and sinus spray so that I can deal with the earpopping that happens every time the plane starts to land!It comes to us all !

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