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Ibiza. Nuff Said.

Growing up in England, I was anti the Ibiza hype. I could just picture a bunch of annoying Brits abroad, giving themselves a free pass to act like a tramp, a hooligan and (very) loose for a week of debauchery in the sun. I had every intention of forever boycotting the place out of superiority. Had.

In the middle of an English summer, I was sat at my desk in London feeling sorry for myself that I hadn’t got a summer holiday booked. I was stalking my friends on Facebook, who all seemed to be off somewhere on the Meditteranean (or somewhere even more exotic), with sun-kissed skin and happy hour cocktails in hand. Green with envy, a friend of mine text me from Ibiza encouraging me to drop everything I was doing and join him and his friends in San Antonio Bay. I didn’t have to be told twice. Straight online, I booked the flight, packed a small rucksack, and before I knew it I was in a cab to San Antonio Bay from the airport.

I was only in Ibiza for 5 days, and to be honest, it felt more like 12 hours with the amount of memory I have left from my time there. I got sucked into my worst fear; I became one of those mortifyingly embarrassingly drunk Brits who heads to a beautiful island for the sole purpose of dancing all day and night, and drinking my body weight in alcohol so that I wouldn’t have any memory of it!

San Antonio is like any other Brits-abroad, Escapades, 18-30’s Clubbing town and resort. Think promo girls and guys standing outside every bar in the West End, enticing you to come in with promises of free shots, or cheap “fish bowl” cocktails. There are two noticeable main differences between Ibiza and those other places; like Falaraki, Ayia Napa, and Magaluf, straight off the bat:

1) The sheer size of the Nightclubs here, and;

2) The monstrously overpriced alcohol, soft drinks, and even bottled water!

That said, as the days went on, we had so much fun that – like we were at a week-long EDM festival in the sun – my Ibiza-boundaries slowly crumbled and I fully embraced the experience in all it’s glory. From sunbathing at the beach with a terrible hangover, to daytime clubbing at the local Zoo (yes, Zoo), to bar crawling the West End, and hitting up the epic Club scene, there is really no denying that if you like dance music, and the sun, you absolutely have to make at least one trip to Ibiza in your lifetime! This is definitely one for the Bucketlist!!

My tips?

  • Hire a Quad Bike and drive around the town / island in style,
  • Get self-catering accommodation so that you can come and go as you please at all hours of the night. If there is a big enough group of you, get your own villa with private pool on the outskirts of town,
  • Take a few ‘costume’-style outfits with you (I recommend military or animalistic), you’ll understand why once you’re there,
  • Ensure your apartment has a safe so you can keep your important stuff like passports etc in it; don’t take all your valuables on a night out with you,
  • Be prepared to pay top dollar for bottled water in the Bars and Clubs (no, you can’t drink the tap water!) so make sure your buy gallons of water to keep at the apartment to rehydrate before bedtime,
  • Plan your evenings (and pre-book) to end up at one Nightclub per night. With monster-priced entrance fee’s (think 60 Euro’s and up!), you will not be Club-hopping like you might do back home in Ole Blighty,
  • And finally, take ALOT of spending money,

Eden Es Paradis San Antonio Plaza Promenade Sunrise Zoo Project 3 Zoo Project 2 the zoo project Cream Beach

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