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Free Printables: Summary Itinerary Planner

I am a self-confessed list-freak. I write lists for just about everything I do. Not only would I completely forget things if I didn’t write them down, but I also find that getting organised and having lists to help me work through a task actually helps me sleep! I can happily go to bed knowing that everything is done and that I’m on schedule, rather than waking up at all hours of the night wondering what I’ve forgotten to buy, or do, or pack.

When I travel, I have to have two “pre-prep” lists in particular that I mould to suit every trip: My itinerary (to ensure that I make the most of the trip and see and do everything that I want to see while I’m there), and my packing list (don’t forget your toothbrush, and all that jazz!). And in the interest of sharing my travel experiences in full with my lovely readers, over the course of the next few months I am going to be posting up some free printables to help you get prepared for your trips like I do!

In this first instalment, I have attached my “Summary Itinerary” Planner. This is a great document to refer to when you first start planning your trip. It provides a helpful reminder to think about the logistics of your trip, like how you’re getting to and from the Airport (both at the country of origin and at the country of destination), your flight details as well as your accommodation reservation information. It also gentle nudges you to remember to organise Travel Insurance and Visa’s (if applicable).

With all the bookings in place, the planner then has an “in a nutshell” itinerary planner, for you to summarise the general plans for the daytime and separately for the evening, for each of your days you’re away. The “Summary Itinerary” Planner also features a handy little ‘Research’ section at the back for you to write notes. I like to list all the things I want to do here so that I can start to distribute them through my day/evening planner in the most efficient and workable order.

Give it a go next time you start planning a trip away and let me know your thoughts!


In the next instalments of my free printables, we’ll keep adding to your trip planning folder with additional documents like generic Packing Lists, Fully-Detailed Itineraries and much much more, so you can take a load off your mind and get on with more important things like deciding what colour bikini to buy!

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