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Toria Beath is a British ex pat who works in the event and staging industry based in Sydney.

Born and raised into a family with ‘Olde English’ roots, Victoria is a keen writer and blogger who made her way from London, England to Australia by first cramming in a wealth of travel and adventure, which took her from the capitals of Europe through the jungles of South America, the recuperation of South-East Asia and the gut wrenching (but life changing) world as a volunteer in central Africa.

The result has been a rich life experience, which Victoria draws upon in TORIA + CO, which features her elegant and creative take on travel, style, beauty and how life is for living.

As a songwriter friend of hers wrote… “The secret’s not to die till you do.”

TORIA + CO, previously known as Your Lifestyle Blog.



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    Beautiful travels! 🙂

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