5 Tips for deciding on your Full Moon Party outfit

This month I am blogging about the couple of months I spent backpacking around Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand with one of my life-long friends, Jessica. Of course, our adventures around the South Islands of Thailand would not have been complete without attending the famous Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach on Koh Pangnan. The beach party belongs to the backpackers, and people go all out with neon body paint and their best (and most minimal) party outfits, but deciding what-to-wear is not as simple as a usual evening outing, in that there are a lot of logistical factors to consider!

Here’s my top tips to think about when choosing your outfit for the big night.

1. Comfort is Key

The Full Moon Party is a Long night… You will likely be dancing around from sunset to sunrise, so comfort is absolutely the number one most important factor when choosing what to wear. There is nothing worse than going to the party of the year only to have to leave early because of excruciating blisters or some other attire-related disaster. Go for comfort first to ensure that nothing stops you from enjoying the party until you are absolutely ready to go home!

2. Be Practical

Dancing the night away at a beach party in a foreign country with thousands upon thousands of other people brings with it an array of potential hazards that you need to give a little thought to before you attend, just to minimise your risks and maximise your fun potential! Thefts are pretty rife during the party, and it is certainly not uncommon to put your bag down and forget about it when you’ve got a few VRB buckets in you too. The likelihood of finding something you lost post-party is slim to none. Leave your valuables behind in a secure place back at the accom – either with front desk or in your in-room safe. Only take out what you really really need to. I recommend wearing something with pockets – preferably pockets that you can zip closed – so you can keep your phone in one pocket and your money in the other, without having to lug around a handbag as well, or bring back the bum-bag/fanny-pack and make it cool again! Whatever you do, don’t take your passport with you to the party!

3. Style it like a Backpacker

Regardless of whether you are a backpacker on a budget, or on a luxury holiday staying at nearby 5 star accommodation, if you’re going to attend the Full Moon Party then treat your outfit choice like you’re one of the backpackers. Don’t turn up dripping in Chanel and Louis Vuitton swag, you’re only going to draw unnecessary attention to yourself in the process. It’s going to be hot, humid and sweaty so a pair of loose short shorts, a bikini top and comfy gladiator sandals are really quite sufficient!

4. Don’t Get Attached

Following on from the previous points, if you wear a top over your bikini then the likelihood is that you will remove it at some point in the night and there’s a very real possibility you will lose it. If you take a handbag, there is a very real possibility you will misplace it or have it stolen. You are going to get covered in neon paint, drink and possibly a few scold marks from the firey chicken limbo, so whatever you choose to wear, make sure it is cheap, replaceable and you have no sentimental attachment to it. My clothes from the Full Moon Party went straight in the bin the next day after spending the morning washing my top, and rewashing my top to try and get all the yellow neon paint out of it before finally giving up and binning it. It’s an unnecessary waste of time. Buy something cheap and comfy, wear it all night, and bin it the next morning.

5. Accessorise

Okay so you’re outfit is cheap and minimal, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up with cheap accessories to create your individual Full Moon Party style-statement. The best accessory is neon body paint. Find the arty one in your social circle and get them to create a masterpiece of neon tattoo’s on your back, face and limbs. Do the stereotypical backpacker thing and braid bits of your hair, weaving neon string throughout the plaits, or throw on a funky scarf (again, one that you won’t mind losing) over your bikini so you can use it as s style statement and as a warm wrap if you get cold throughout the night.

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