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  • polo-lounge-patio-beverly-hills-hotel-dorchester-collection
    Eat + Drink, USA

    The Beverly Hills Hotel, Polo Lounge

    Muffled sounds of laughter, chinking crystal, and a baby grand piano set the mood. Crisp white linen, decorative wrought iron chair backs, enclosed by a vibrant floral canopy set the scene. It…

  • WatsonsBay-4
    My Style

    Love Lace

    A balmy day on the harbour begged for a pretty white lace dress to compliment the enchanting sunset over the city beyond.…

  • NewtownX-35
    My Style

    Urban Decay

     At first glance Newtown may seem like a suburb in disrepair but look a little closer and you’ll start to truly appreciate the finer details, like the culturally challenging street art painted all…

  • Cronulla-22
    My Style

    Salty Hair

    I am having a full-blown love affair with Aussie-brand All About Eve at the moment.…

  • Arabian Nightx
    My Style

    Lust List: Arabian Nights

    This week I have been blogging about my Egyptian adventures, during my vacation there back in 2007. Back then, my travel style was more like shorts and short skirts, singlets and men’s…

  • Bag Lust 2015
    My Style

    Lust List: The Handbag Fetish

    There is only one thing in this world that I like more than shoes… and that’s handbags. Specifically Chanel handbags… (of course!) Since I can remember, my life-long handbag ambition was always…

  • IMG_7243
    My Style

    The Beauty of Ancient Egypt

    I have always had a fascination with Ancient Egypt. The golden baron landscape, the golden mega-structures, the golden sun shimmering on golden silks and golden jewels, and the deep mysterious contrast of…

  • First-Photo-Shoot-255
    My Style

    #Flashback: My First Ever Photoshoot

    The year was 2007. I was busy single-handedly project managing my first ever event: a fashion show and concert in aid of my favourite Charity. I had convinced my old college to let me…