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  • WatsonsBay-4
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    Love Lace

    A balmy day on the harbour begged for a pretty white lace dress to compliment the enchanting sunset over the city beyond.…

  • NewtownX-35
    My Style

    Urban Decay

     At first glance Newtown may seem like a suburb in disrepair but look a little closer and you’ll start to truly appreciate the finer details, like the culturally challenging street art painted all…

  • Cronulla-22
    My Style

    Salty Hair

    I am having a full-blown love affair with Aussie-brand All About Eve at the moment.…

  • Clovelly-8
    My Style

    Autumn Grey

    Autumn has arrived in Sydney. The skies dance between deep greys and electric blues as one minute it’s dark and cloudy, with torrential rains crashing into the sea, and seemingly just minutes later there…

  • Arabian Nightx
    My Style

    Lust List: Arabian Nights

    This week I have been blogging about my Egyptian adventures, during my vacation there back in 2007. Back then, my travel style was more like shorts and short skirts, singlets and men’s…

  • Bag Lust 2015
    My Style

    Lust List: The Handbag Fetish

    There is only one thing in this world that I like more than shoes… and that’s handbags. Specifically Chanel handbags… (of course!) Since I can remember, my life-long handbag ambition was always…

  • IMG_7243
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    The Beauty of Ancient Egypt

    I have always had a fascination with Ancient Egypt. The golden baron landscape, the golden mega-structures, the golden sun shimmering on golden silks and golden jewels, and the deep mysterious contrast of…

  • First-Photo-Shoot-255
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    #Flashback: My First Ever Photoshoot

    The year was 2007. I was busy single-handedly project managing my first ever event: a fashion show and concert in aid of my favourite Charity. I had convinced my old college to let me…

  • Style-Trend
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    Lust List: Country Meets City

    It’s that time of year when the heat of the Australian sun has started to subside and slowly but surely the nights are getting cooler. The blue skies and warm sun still…