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  • Little-Bay-13
    Australia, See + Do

    Little Bay, Sydney

    On a beautiful summer’s day in Sydney, I realised that I’d never really explored the beaches on the south side of the eastern suburbs in Sydney – the ones that practically sit on…

  • NewtownX-19
    Australia, See + Do

    Newtown, Sydney

    In my opinion, the alternatively trendy suburb of Newtown in Sydney is the closest Australia gets to competing with the über alternative borough of Camden in London town. Newtown caters to the cool kids with…

  • AngieBaxter-6
    Australia, See + Do

    Woolwich, Sydney

    What a treat! Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an all-day portrait photography workshop in Woolwich, Sydney. A wonderful birthday treat from my partner, the workshop was run by Angela…

  • Cronulla-6
    Australia, Eat + Drink, See + Do

    Cronulla, Sydney

    Dubbed the “Geordie Shore” of Australia thanks to reality TV show ‘The Shire’, Cronulla has long been maligned by the rest of Sydney. Stereotypes of  the nouveau riche, wannabe barbie dolls and…

  • Gordons-Bay-13
    Australia, See + Do

    Gordon’s Bay, Sydney

    Whilst wandering through the beach-side Sydney suburb of Clovelly, we inadvertently stumbled upon Gordon’s Bay; a tiny little pocket of sand and rocks nestled between Clovelly and Coogee with magnificent scenery, looming…

  • Clovelly-46
    Australia, Eat + Drink, See + Do

    Clovelly, Sydney

    As the first in my latest project to blog about travelling around as many suburbs of Sydney, Australia as I possibly can, this weekend I spent a wet and stormy Autumn’s day…

  • Hirsty Photography
    Australia, See + Do


    The inaugural VIVID festival of light is on right now in Sydney. And I think it’s better than ever! Sipping on champagne at Opera Bar, as the sun went down the darkness lit…